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Strategic Real Estate Lending

Thorofare Capital, Inc. is a leading commercial real estate loan origination and servicing company. The firm focuses on $3,000,000 to $40,000,000 financing transactions, targeting value-add and opportunistic acquisitions, recapitalizations, and distressed debt secured by transitional properties.

Our affiliate, Thorofare LLC, is an SEC Registered Investment Adviser specializing in alternative fixed-income opportunities through US commercial real estate debt investments. With a national presence, Thorofare has invested more than $1 billion of equity capital, structured as senior secured short-term loans, across 10+ property types throughout 28 States.

“Our mission is to provide transparent and timely solutions for our clients. By staying true to this vision, we’ve built lasting partnerships with many investors, mortgage bankers, and development firms throughout the country.”Kevin Miller, CEO

Thorofare At A Glance

Track Record

$1.1 Billion+

Through a series of closed-end funds, joint ventures and separate accounts, Thorofare originates commercial real estate loans across its multi-strategy lending platform.

Multi-Strategy Platform

Loan Origination and Asset Management

Floating Rate Whole Loans

  • $400 Million Allocation
  • $7.5 Million Minimum
  • $40 Million Maximum

Fixed Rate Bridge Loans

  • $300 Million Fund IV
  • $3 Million Minimum
  • $35 Million Maximum

National Presence

Highlighted states represent where we have closed deals.

Property Mix

As of 03.25.17

Major Milestones


  • Nov 2016

    Thorofare exceeds $1 billion of total originated loans across its multi-strategy platform

  • Oct 2015

    Thorofare launches Fund IV with a $300 million target deployment capitalization

  • May 2015

    Thorofare completes investing Fund III with $288.9 million of total originated loans

  • Jan 2015

    Thorofare raises $400 million Separate Account for its Floating Rate Strategy

  • Nov 2013

    Thorofare launches Fund III

  • Jun 2013

    Thorofare completes investing Fund II with $229.3 million of total originated loans

  • Dec 2011

    Thorofare launches Fund II

  • Sep 2011

    Thorofare completes investing Fund I with $29.4 million of total originated loans

  • Sep 2010

    Thorofare launches Fund I

  • Jul 2010

    Thorofare is founded in Downtown Los Angeles

Figures are as of 03.25.17 and include assets held by non-advisory loan origination and servicing clients managed outside the Thorofare fund series.

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