Innovative thinking. Broad expertise.

We know what it takes to navigate through the markets and execute transactions swiftly.

Our borrowers get the benefit of a lender with hands-on industry experience and structuring know-how, which allows us to make decisions and deliver on time. With an established national presence and proven track record, our clients can rely on our team to be a reliable financial partner that is well-capitalized and driven to execute.

Our Team

  • Kevin H. Miller

    Principal | CEO

  • Brendan W. Miller

    Principal | CIO

  • Felix M. Gutnikov

    Principal | Head of Originations

  • Eddie Prosser

    Principal | Head of Credit | COO

  • Robert J. Cooper

    Principal | General Counsel

  • Chris Vago


  • David Perlman

    Managing Director, Head of NY Office

  • Greg Cotton

    Managing Director, Asset Management

  • Robert L. Worthington, CFA

    Head of Investor Relations

  • Jacob Yi, CFA

    Managing Director, Credit

  • Brett Tomich

    Managing Director, Investor Relations

  • Mitch Kralis

    Managing Director

  • Andrew Kim

    Director, Originations

  • Jon Hart

    Director, Originations

  • David Calderon

    Director, Accounting & Finance

  • Renat Yusufov

    Director, Asset Management

  • Milissa Allen

    Director, Investor Relations

  • Sarah Henehan

    Paralegal, Corporate and Real Estate

  • Karina Gaytan

    Senior Analyst, Accounting & Finance

  • Nick Krueger

    Associate Director, Originations

  • Paul Kim

    Associate Director, Originations

  • Paul Hachigian

    Associate Director, Originations

  • Joseph M. Stanislawski

    Senior Associate, Asset Management

  • Isabel Salazar

    Senior Accountant

  • Henry Johnson

    Senior Associate, Originations

  • Scott Sumida

    Associate, Originations

  • Jason Campbell

    Associate, Originations

  • Tracey Korn

    Associate, Investor Relations

  • Mahek Yerunkar

    Analyst, Accounting and Finance