Thorofare Cares

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Why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion?

At Thorofare Capital, we believe that our employees should reflect the diversity of the investors, cities and communities we serve and live in. Thus, our diversity and inclusion initiatives give our employees the opportunity to work in a setting that promotes an environment in which each employee can excel and thrive.

As a company, we believe that fostering the diversity of our team has lead to competitive innovation, forward-thinking strategy and has placed us at the fore-front of commercial real estate lending in the United States. We offer a competitive internship program and encourage our employees to participate in organizations such as the California MBA - Diversity and Inclusion initiatives and Urban Land Institute’s Women’s Leadership Initiative.

“I believe that our team’s diversity of backgrounds, cultures and thought have been key factors in the success of Thorofare Capital. Since the company’s inception, diversity and inclusivity have been central tenets of our business philosophy. We are committed to continuing to foster inclusivity and diversity within our workplace and communities.”

Kevin Miller, CEO of Thorofare Capital

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Mission and Philosophy

Thorofare Capital’s principles of business have always been rooted in excellence and transparency, through our operating philosophies. We are always aiming to operate with the utmost credibility. Through these initiatives we are committing to implementing and adhering to pillars of social responsibility.

Commitment to ESG

Our mission and philosophy is rooted in ensuring the best interests of our investors while creating value and mitigating risks.

Collective Commitment

Our company’s foremost objectives are transparency and excellence. We seek to build and foster lasting relationships with our investors, borrowers, communities and employees. As a result of our commitment to our principles of business, our leading priority is always to stay true to our mission of providing transparent and timely solutions for our clients.

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Thorofare Cares

Our community footprint.

We are a nationwide investor actively pursuing philanthropic opportunities to help create a better tomorrow for everyone. We’re passionate about supporting education, opportunities for underprivileged children, and medical research.

Organizations We Support